How Adventr is Redefining Video Creation

A word from Founder & CEO, Devo Harris.

Devo Harris

Believe it or not, the Internet IS video.

Over 80% of the Internet data moving around you right now is video. The average American watches over 5 hours of video per day and this is only growing. Every social media platform now focuses on video, every brand of merit invests in video and your kids or nieces likely know more about video editing than you.

Video is now the lifeblood of the web and the preferred communication medium. It’s the oil that powers the engine. But. it doesn’t actually do anything. You just… look at it. Think about it, everything else on the web has connectivity or intelligence. Meaning – when you go to a website you can navigate it in real time and the site can adapt itself to be better for you in the future as a result of your actions, because of the Internet. When you make something in Google Docs or Canva or any cloud-based creative tool others can change it or offer asynchronous feedback because of the Internet.  But with video.. You just look at it – nothing is unlocked by being on the web leading to less relevant, poorly performing content and billions in lost opportunity.

Until now.

We’ve all seen the movies where videos or holograms know who the viewer is and communicate to them one on one (Minority Report is my favorite), or maybe the hologram communicates with other web systems instantly. This is the promise of the Internet – video being able to communicate with applications and databases like the rest of the Internet. This is Adventr’s goal – to be the connection we’ve been looking for, finally allowing video to communicate with software, databases and people across the web. 

Minority Report

Imagine a video showing you a sweater and you being able to literally ask the video if the sweater comes in your size – and then ordering it from the video when it does. Imagine being able to open a bank account in a video or contacting your local government representative directly from a video that resonates with you. Imagine educational content that your child can touch or speak to that responds in real time to congratulate or correct them…

This is the world that’s possible when video is truly web-native. Other tools allow creators to just make flat videos that worked in a pre-Internet world. Adventr allows you to use all the resources of the web for truly connected experiences at scale – and it’s easy AF. 

As content creators, we’ve come along away from video being just a big cassette or a huge digital file. We’ve come a long way from video being something you make, cross your fingers and hope that the viewer likes it. We’re at a point in time where media that we all know and love can be more relevant, more personalized, more intelligent, and better performing. And this should happen at scale – across any site, network or hardware. Your viewers expect this.

This is what Adventr is for. We’re creators who’ve spent over a decade building the perfect platform for fellow creators to make more intelligent, web-first, awesome visual experiences. But it’s not just the software we’ve built – it’s about the platform, the educational resources and the community to truly power the next generation of creators with the tools to finally engage a digitally native audience where they are.

Welcome to Adventr.

Adventr Founder & CEO
DeVon “Devo” Harris


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