Smart Listen Enables Viewers To Interact And Shop By Voice

Want to purchase the shirt you see in a video. Just say so!

Wasif Haseeb

Today’s viewers live in an on demand world and expect highly relevant experiences across every screen. You’ve gotta deliver content to the right person at the right time and make it easy for the viewer to engage and take action.

Sometimes it’s not convenient to interact manually though, so voice has become a popular, easy method of interaction. That’s why Adventr created SmartListen – the patented technology that allows any creator to make content which literally listens to the viewer voice to change videos midstream and take action with external systems in real time.

Check out the example below. Press Play and when you see the icon in the upper right corner, just speak to the video (loud & clear!) to start filling up a shopping cart with the items you like.

Adventr continues to build the most advanced video capabilities in the world. Let us know what you’ll build with SmartListen!

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White Denim Jacket
Wool-blend Jacket
Relaxed Fit Sweatshirt
Baggy High Jeans
Knit Cardigan
Ribbed Tank top

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With our Realtime Player API and just a few lines of javascript, you can integrate voice-controlled shoppable video with any ecommerce system.


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