New! Hide and customize start button

New onboarding tutorial and ability to hide the default start button.

Siobhan Tabatabai

New Enterprise feature: Hide start button

We understand the value of incorporating your brand into all elements of your adventr. We also understand the value in communicating interactivity to viewers proactively. That’s why we’re offering the option to hide the default start button for an adventr as an option to Enterprise customers. With this option, you’ll be able to truly customize all elements of your video’s thumbnail without our play button layered over top of it.

Default play button
Fully customized thumbnail that communicates interactivity to viewers proactively.

Reach out to us by visiting https://adventr.io/user/upgrade-plan > Enterprise > Contact Us to Customize or email your account executive. 

Helpful tips for starting from a blank canvas

Last release (release notes here), we introduced a new way to get the hang of Adventr: the ability to start with a sample project and edit the content to your liking. This release, we’ve added some helpful tips for new users starting from a blank project, too. They’ll appear throughout the Adventr editor as you navigate, in hopes of providing you with some helpful context for the screen you’re currently viewing. 

You can access these tool tips by clicking “Get started” in the yellow box on the right-hand side of their Projects screen. Click “Skip Tutorial” to create a blank project with helpful tool tips along the way. 

Join the Adventr Community Forum to share your thoughts on how else we can improve onboarding and learning Adventr. 


Introducing SmartListen

Today we’re launching the biggest advance in video since streaming. In a quest to power connectivity through media, we’re introducing SmartListen.

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Case Study: Marc Jacobs

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Create an interactive quiz with real-time results

How to use the Adventr API to save and display user actions in real-time.

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