Introducing SmartListen

Today we’re launching the biggest advance in video since streaming. In a quest to power connectivity through media, we’re introducing SmartListen.

Devo Harris

Today we’re launching the biggest advance in video since streaming. In a quest to power connectivity through media, we’re introducing SmartListen – the long awaited ability for your videos to listen and respond to viewers in real time, powered by Adventr’s patented AI technology.

Engaging via voice has become table stakes for modern life. Your smartphone, your smart TV, your home assistant – all your connections to the world around you – use voice as an input with speech and voice recognition markets expected to grow over 23% a year through 2029. 

But why is video left behind? At Adventr, we believe video should be just as connected and as smart as the rest of the web. That’s why we’ve added SmartListen as the newest in our growing suite of next generation immersive streaming tools, designed to unlock new, personalized and immersive smart video experiences. Try it by talking to the adventr below.

Creators are designing breakthrough experiences, from real time foreign language lessons to voice-powered shopping. From interviews with celebrities to customer support training modules and voice powered responsive personal training, voice powered videos unlock totally new ways of connecting.

SmartListen is great for:

  • Real time interactive training (ex. security, compliance)
  • Replacing repetitive one-on-one personal engagements (ex. clinic or trainer visits)
  • Instructing manual processes where hands are needed (ex. cooking, machining)
  • High impact brand ads (ex. brand engagement, customer journeys)
  • Education & entertainment (customized voice-powered experiences)

Try SmartListen for free today on adventr.ai or contact us for enterprise needs. Learn more about Adventr on our YouTube channel. We can’t wait to see what you create with SmartListen and our other smart media tools.

Keep creating,

Devo Harris
Adventr CEO

Check out SmartListen in action:

Know these hit songs? Sing along with John Legend or Camila Cabello using SmartListen!

Have a question for Ed Sheeran? Then ask himself yourself with SmartListen!

How are your acting skills? Using SmartListen, read lines with the legendary Boris Karloff!


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