Actionable Videos


In a quest to advance greater connectivity through media, we’re introducing our AI-powered SmartListen product – the long awaited ability for your videos to listen and react to human voices in real time.

Engaging with devices via your voice has become table stakes for modern life. Your smartphone, your smart TV, your home assistant and probably your car – all your connections to the information oasis of the web – use voice as an input with speech and voice recognition markets expected to grow over 23% a year through 2029.

But why is video left behind? Comprising over 80% of all web traffic, the Internet IS video, it’s our favorite communication method and the core medium of all social media but it doesn’t connect anywhere or do anything. Instead of being left behind, at Adventr we believe video should be just as connected and intelligent as the rest of your life – so we developed SmartListen, combining our advanced interactive, smart media tools with powerful AI and voice recognition technologies.


Find your Nespresso

Achieve game-changing leaps in CTR, time spent and purchase intent through hyper user engagement on O&O sites, socials and ad networks.

Interactive Reviews

Increase customer review rates through a simple interactive video review.

Voice-powered shopping

Use your voice to shop the H&M Catalog.

Lab Rat

Lab Rat is the first multiplayer interactive movie allowing cinema-goers to play together through their connected devices. Lear more at the Lab Rat microsite.

Trivia Quest

Video quizzes are easy to build in Adventr and are proven to produce dramatic increases in learning outcomes through multi-sensory learning and much higher retention.

What is Adventr?

Adventr’s Creative Studio team created a resource center to serve as a one-stop shop for learning more about Adventr. In the video, the viewer can choose two different paths, depending on their persona: Business or Creative. Both paths offer the same options, but with different visual presentations to appeal to personal interests. They can choose […]


This adventr puts the viewer in the driver’s seat of a Coswheel bike, starting the experience with putting on their helmet and starting the bike’s engine. The viewer then guides the character through embarking on a ride, which allows for a natural exploration of the bike’s features. This interactive experience is both engaging and informative, […]