Smart Merge

Create dynamic, personalized, shoppable video ads

Personalize shoppable ads based on stock availability, sale pricing, or customer history.

Peter Gerard

With Adventr’s personalization tool, Smart Merge, you can integrate with various data sources to serve personalized interactive videos — even in ads.

In this example ad, it shows a unique combination of shoes for each viewer. The pricing and URLs, in addition to the image, are dynamically generated in real-time from a data source.

For example, if you have data about what the viewer has looked at before, you can show personalized recommendations. Or perhaps if you have a promotion going, you can feature on-sale items with special pricing.

Try it out below by selecting presets for each shoe or entering custom names, prices, even image URLs:

Select a preset under “Presets” to automatically populate data for each of the shoes in the ad. Click “Reload” and play the video below to see the data appear in real-time.

If you want to try plugging in your own data, simply type in values and paste URLs into Shoe 1, Shoe 2, and Shoe 3’s fields below the Presets section. Click “Reload” and play the video below to see the data you entered appear in real-time.


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