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An Introduction to Interactive Media

We all know the internet is dynamic, where everything is curated and personalized to your desires. So why shouldn't videos be?

Wasif Haseeb

Ever since motion picture was invented, we find ourselves still consuming visual content the same boring way – in a linear format, like we’re watching TV. But we all know the internet is dynamic, where everything is curated and personalized to your desires.

Having flat, old-school video in dynamic Internet environments creates a lot of problems. Viewers’ attention spans have dramatically dropped, making it harder to keep them engaged. To combat this, media companies are innovating by providing more tactile experiences like swiping, tapping, answering polls, and more to keep viewers engaged.

Creators have been exploring next-generation, personalized content for years. The first interactive movie, Kinoautomat, was produced in 1967. There’s Dragon’s Lair in ’83, and several other experiments leading to today, including Netflix’s interactive Bandersnatch released in 2018. Now, finally, Adventr gives you the tools to not just keep with up the big guys but to create even more engaging, connecting experiences than ever before possible – and tools to share them at scale across any platform.

At the end of the day, what does this all mean for you — a creator?

Using interactive videos will equate to three things:

  • Creating more engagement since the viewers are constantly interacting with the video
  • Having better insight into your viewers by understanding the choices they made in your content and using those analytics to inform your business
  • Standing out, simply because you will be able to provide more creative outlooks and services by being at the forefront of the future of video production and storytelling

The possibilities go way beyond and are more complex than just simple basic choices like “A or B”. Adventr is leading the innovation by pioneering tools to make this new more connected media and share it anywhere.

Let’s look at the Adventr Editor and explore the capabilities and features that are possible with interactive video.

The first thing you will see in your Adventr account is a page where all of your projects are.

Since you’re just getting started, the only option you will have is “New Project”.

Now when we enter our editor, we’ll see a huge canvas which is called our workspace, think of this as your timeline or where all of your editing or your process will happen.

The next thing to do is upload our media. By clicking “Open Library”, we will find all our assets from our current and past projects.

Below our media, we have our Action tiles. These features bring even more interactivity to your videos.

On the topmost portion, we will see “Media”, “Design” and “Options”. Design is where we get a few options to help the visual aesthetic of our project. Options are where we see more of the more detailed selection of features.

If we go back to our Media tab, we can select all of our clips, then drag and drop them over to the work area. From there, we can hover over the first clip, then click the arrow to select the second. Then, we can hover over the second one to do the same thing as the third clip.

Just like that, you have created a video fit for the future!


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